Announcing Intuition Medicine® Online

Offering Academy training to students worldwide

The new online school of the Academy of Intuition Medicine® brings our unique intuitive development courses to interested students, wherever they are. All of the Academy classes and programs, from Intuition Medicine®: Healing I through the Master certification in Intuition Medicine® are available as recorded video programs within a fully interactive learning website.

Online students can get a sense of the Academy classroom experience, join live chat room discussions with other students, receive remote energy healing sessions from Academy faculty, and more. Take one course or a series, studying at your own pace on your own schedule.

The Academy of Intuition Medicine® Online FAQ
Compare the AIMO Online Program vs the AIM Campus Program (PDF)

Listen to the audio orientation of the Academy of Intuition Medicine® Online program.


About the Academy

The Academy of Intuition Medicine (AIM), founded in 1984, is a globally recognized academic school for professional intuitives and for those interested in developing intuition as a pragmatic skill. The faculty of AIM includes Francesca McCartney, founder and director; an Advisory Board; and a dedicated and highly professional group of teachers and coaches.

The mission of AIM is to teach and empower individuals to discover and use their natural intuitive sense in all endeavors of life. The philosophy of AIM is that everyone has innate intuitive abilities which can be developed and utilized as a natural human sense.

Students enter the Academy with many goals: to pursue a career as a Medical Intuitive; to integrate intuitive abilities into a current career; or to develop intuition for practical awareness, self-growth and personal healing.

The core classes are available to anyone looking to increase their intuitive abilities and integrate intuition in their daily lives. The elective seminars continue to support one’s interest in developing intuitive skills.

For the first time, Academy courses are available to interested students, wherever they are, through the new Academy of Intuition Medicine® Online.