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We have created a tutorial video showing you how to get started. Below is a list of additional frequently asked questions which you can review below the video.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. All the classes were filmed in the campus live classrooms with teachers and students. The Online school videos are viewed by students on their timetable.

The senior teacher is founder Francesca McCartney, PhD. The learning videos are Francesca teaching live in the campus classroom along with faculty teachers who also contribute to the educational learning. The faculty teacher’s information can be found on the Faculty page.

Yes, about 40%. Our mission statement states: Founded in 1984, as an academic vocational school for professional Intuitives and for those interested in developing intuition as a pragmatic skill. Students enter the Academy with varied goals: To pursue a career as a medical intuitive, to integrate intuitive abilities into a current career, or to develop intuition for practical life awareness, self-growth and personal healing.

The mission of the Academy is to teach and empower individuals to discover and use their natural intuitive sense in all endeavors of life. The philosophy of the Academy is that everyone has innate intuitive abilities which can be developed and utilized as a natural human sense.

We suggest that you read the Journal found on the Resources menu — especially the Academy of Intuition Medicine Alumni page.

If the module is 6 lessons then the student has access to that module for 12 weeks plus 5 weeks. All the module access time is double the number of lessons plus 5 weeks. For another example, a 4-lesson module allows 8-weeks plus 5 weeks of student access. If a student needs more time to complete a module extended access is usually given upon request.

AIMO encourages students to set aside study time to manage access to the video lesson modules within the timetable.

There is a Student-Teacher Q&A forum where you can post your questions. The teacher will respond to those questions and post the answer either to you personally if you ask. Or post the answer to the entire student forum for community learning and a continuation of a threaded discussion.
Private assessments session with Faculty are strongly encouraged and it is suggested that you book a session appointment at the end of each module. The faculty offer AIMO students (not the public) a low-fee session price of $100 per one-hour appointment. The sessions are via phone, skype or in-person if possible. The usual fee ranges from $150-$200 per session. Students may pick the faculty person from the list posted on the Faculty page.

Yes. To receive the maximum learning you are asked to read Dr. McCartney’s two books and listen to her guided meditation & lectures recorded on CD or MP3. Francesca’s two books and the eight-CD set are the only highly required reading/listening practice work during the first three modules and two modules in the Master certification in Intuition Medicine® modules. These materials can be purchased here.
Additionally other books are suggested for further learning and can be purchased via our online bookstore:

A voluminous amount of supportive information intended to deepen your understanding and perspective on intuition, energy medicine, healing, and the practice of Intuition Medicine® as a Western Shamanic methodology reinvented from ancient and indigenous medicines into a modern practice. With each lesson there are supplementary reference pages: 1] Charts and diagrams focused on the lesson. 2] Research papers which give students an academic perspective on the lesson topic, as well as, create an analogous perspective on complimentary, alternative and some allopathic practices of medicine and research that are focused on energy medicine but using different terminology. 3] Student-Teacher Q&A dialogue collected from the past decade. 4] Academy campus students mid and final term papers that give you a future forward preview of where those who have gone before you have integrated the Intuition Medicine® tools, using these tools for self-healing, practical life lessons and thereby giving a humanistic perspective and great tips on creative use of the tools.

Please schedule the session at the end of a module so that you may gain deeper learning about the lessons, as well as, an assessment on your integration of the lessons. . The faculty offer to AIMO students (not the public) low-fee session of $100 per one-hour appointment. The sessions are via phone, skype or in-person if possible. The usual fee ranges from $150-$200 per session. You pick the faculty person from the list posted on the Faculty page.

Academy campus alumni of the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) program and students who completed the first three campus classes are welcome to register for any of the AIMO modules that they completed. Campus MIM alumni are not bound by the required sequence that new AIMO students must follow. Go to the “Enroll Now” button on the AIMO website.

Write a note that you are an Academy campus alumni include your MIM class year or number.

If you are a campus core class student write a note with the name of the class you took with date of month and year of completion.

After your status as alumni/repeat student is verified and you pay full tuition then 50% of the tuition you paid will be refunded via our online payment system.

At the completion of a module you can request a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificate. AIMO is approved to award CEUs to Nurses, Acupuncturists and professional Body Workers. The certificate hours correspond to the lesson hours listed on each module. There is a $25 fee for the certificate. Submit your request through the student portal and include your RN, LaC, DOCM or CMT license number and legal name on your license. Your AIMO student number is required with an email postal address for delivery.

All 12 modules must be completed. Plus a final examination and paper, and a qualifying personal session via phone, skype or in-person with one of the faculty are the requirements. A MIM diploma is awarded with successful completion.

AIMO is an open enrollment school which means there are no calendared semesters or start dates. A student can enroll anytime and study the Modules on a personal timetable. You can study individual Modules or choose to complete Modules 1, 2, 3 & 12 for an Intuition Medicine® Certificate (IMC). Or complete all 12 modules for a Master certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM). See more information on requirements for these two certificates on this page:

Admissions to AIMO does not require a degree as the program is a vocational certificate training not a degree granting program.

To begin click on the box “Enroll Now” which takes you to the Modules page, choose a Module by clicking on the box “Register Now” which takes you to the payment page where you submit the tuition payment. After which you will be presented with an admissions form to fill out. After you complete the form you are given entrance to the Module that you registered for and can then begin your Module lessons.

You also gain entrance to the online student Member Area where you can connect and communicate directly with other students. In the Member Area you join ongoing asynchronistic peer communications; a topic discussions board which carries threaded dialogues; and “friend” conversations between fellow students and teachers. In the Member Area is also a Q&A Forum where you can ask teachers questions about the lessons, and receive feedback on what you are learning, discuss an answer, or share an idea with teachers and students.

No. It is impossible for it to be the very same for a distance student as a distance student is not physically in the campus classroom doing the experiential portions under teacher supervision. However the experiential portions, we call them “Lab Sessions” in the core classes and “Panels” in the MIM classes, are included in the videos that you will be learning from as a distance student. And you will view the protocols of these experiential’s and can practice with friends.

The AIM campus MIM is $6500 tuition. The AIMO distance MIM is 12 Modules with a total of 50 lessons and is $5000 tuition. For example a 6-lesson module is $600 tuition; a 4-lesson module is $400. The tuition is based on $100 per lesson.

When a Module is 5-lessons then a student has 10 weeks of access. When a Module is 6-lessons then a student has 12 weeks of access. The access time is double the amount of lessons within each module. However after completing a Module a student continues to have access to the Student-Teacher Q&A forum where you can post questions.

If you are unsure, we strongly suggest that you receive an energy systems session with one of our Faculty members or Practitioners before you enroll in a course.

All AIMO students are invited to drop-in to the Wednesday Practicums. Every Wednesday at 7pm-8:30pm students and alumni gather for a guided meditation, followed by informal meetings with peers, mentors and faculty. Students can choose to: talk informally with teachers; request to do a lab session or panel with a peer or mentor; sit in quiet meditation; or request a personal energy healing session with faculty-this session fee is $20. All other activities at Practicum attendance is fee free for students and alumni.

The guided meditation begins at 7pm and we ask that you arrive on time and sign-in on the register as you enter. Practicums are offered all year. Practicum is offered for campus and AIMO students and alumni. Practicum is not open to the public.

Enrollment for the Sausalito campus program is separate from enrollment for AIMO. After you apply for admissions to the AIM campus program you will be contacted by the teacher of the class for further instructions and to book an appointment for a phone admissions interview. For AIM admissions go to website and click on the “Apply” button:

Join us for an Orientation evening. Dates can be found here:
You can also listen to an informational meeting recorded on campus at the Academy of Intuition Medicine® presented by founder Francesca McCartney.

Please be advised: The course in which you are enrolling is distance education and not offered in real time. Upon commencement of the course the student has access to the entire curriculum and lessons; therefore, if the student drops out of the course we have no obligation to refund tuition.

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