Shift Network – Intuition Medicine® MIM Program

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The MASTER CERTIFICATION in INTUITION MEDICINE® Diploma is an exploration and training in Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing – A reinvention of ancient medicines as a science and art with a Western Shamanism focus.

No prerequisites are needed for this course, however the course materials are highly recommended. The books and Body of Health audio series are heavily referenced throughout the course.

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Upon completion you are awarded a vocational diploma: Master in Intuition Medicine® Certification. This diploma gives you legal certification to practice as an Intuition Medicine® Practitioner, Medical Intuitive or Spiritual Coach. Research and real world practice shows that Academy graduates are esteemed, qualified practitioners in this field.

If you are not interested in vocational training, many students take the MIM for personal healing and to integrate this practice into their life as body/mind/spirit medicine. The Academy holds a campus graduation and diploma ceremony every July in Northern California whereupon AIMO MIM graduates are invited to attend to receive diploma.

Continuing Education Units for Healthcare Professionals
Upon completion of this program you may request a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificate. The Academy is approved to award CEUs to Nurses, Acupuncturists, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Professional Bodyworkers, and Chiropractors.

Lesson Plan

The Master Certificate in Intuition Medicine® Program (MIM)

Module 4: Basics of Energy Medicine
Module 5: Male/Female Energy Anatomy
Module 6: Creating Spiritually Based Relationships
Module 7: Astral Body, Out-of-Body Experiences, Dreams and Healing
Module 8: The Spiritual Incarnation System™
Module 9: The Akashic Records – Universal and Personal
Module 10: The Physio-Psychic System™
Module 11: Intuition Medicine®: Prosperity and Spiritual Abundance
Module 12: Soul Anatomy: Doctoring the Chakras

Five live one-on-one sessions with an Academy graduate tutor is included upon completion of Modules 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11.

Subscription Details

You are purchasing a course subscription period of 20 months.

Also included—
Practicum: Ongoing Support and Practice for all Academy Students

Wednesday Night Practicum is the place to drop in and continue your work in a supportive environment, in the company of your peers. Enjoy a meditation tailored to the needs of the present moment, followed by a casual Q&A where you can discuss the work and the tools with students and teachers of all levels. Afterwards, practice the tools you’ve been learning with other students at your level, under the guidance of our Teaching Assistants.
Practicum is free to all enrolled Academy/AIMO students, and is held in person at the Academy campus in Sausalito California and on Zoom.

MIM students can join special live online healing sessions
You will have the opportunity to meet with Academy faculty, share experiences and build community with other students. Practice and hone your reading and healing skills, ask questions about Intuition Medicine® tools, and share your unique gifts in a live, present-time container. A $25 donation per session is requested.

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