MIM Training Application Fee


Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® Training non-refundable $100.00 Application Fee.

MASTER CERTIFICATION in INTUITION MEDICINE® Diploma is an exploration and training in Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing – A reinvention of ancient medicines as a science and art with a Western Shamanism focus.

Prerequisite: Completion of Modules 1, 2, and 3; and be enrolled in module 4 or beyond. Students must have the intention of completing all 12 modules.


$100 fee includes the online Meyers-Briggs Test Inventory (MBTI) as your MIM entrance exam. You will be emailed a link to take the MBTI after fee is paid. Your completed MBTI report is emailed to you.

As part of the program (no extra fee) a MIM graduate is assigned to you as your tutor. The tutor meets with you two times per module via phone or Skype for personal consultation, healing and curriculum mentoring. Request this support when you are half-way or all the way complete with a module.

Upon completion you are awarded a California State Education Bureau vocational diploma: Master in Intuition Medicine® Certification. This diploma gives you legal certification to practice as an Intuition Medicine® Practitioner, Medical Intuitive or Spiritual Coach. Research and real world practice shows that Academy graduates are esteemed, qualified practitioners in this field. If you are not interested in vocational training, many students take the MIM for personal healing and to integrate this practice into their life as body/mind/spirit medicine. The Academy holds a campus graduation and diploma ceremony every July in Northern California whereupon AIMO MIM graduates are invited to attend to receive diploma.