Module 14: Advanced Physio-Psychic System: Acupuncture, Intuition Medicine® and Physical Health


This course introduces advanced topics of the Physio-Psychic System™: Acupuncture, Intuition Medicine® and Physical Health

Topics include:

  • Chinese medicine overview of the physiology and pathology of emotions
  • Chinese medicine perspective on the energetic systems that work with the spirit and help to heal emotions, including present life and past life emotional traumas
  • Review of the Physio-Psychic System™
  • Acupuncture Treatments: Using Intuition Medicine® tools to activate the Chinese medicine energetic systems to enhance your PPS work


This course contains two 1.5 hour video lectures, recorded from a live Zoom class by Dr. Danny Geren, LAc DAOM MIM 29.

Dr. Danny Geren, LAc is a graduate of the Academy of Intuition Medicine® and earned his Doctorate at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He integrates his Chinese medicine practice with Intuition Medicine® to treat a wide variety of conditions, focusing on spiritual/emotional conditions, pain management and internal medicine. His capstone for his Chinese medicine doctoral degree was “An Exploration of Treating the Spirit and the Emotions with Acupuncture.” Danny’s practice relies heavily on his Intuition Medicine® skills and training.

Lesson Plan

This course contains two 1.5 hour video lectures plus charts recorded from our live class.

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