Learn to Heal Yourself and Others Using Intuition Medicine®

The Energy Medicine Toolbox Developed by Francesca McCartney PhD

The Energy Medicine Toolbox Developed by Francesca McCartney PhD

Expand your current practice or create a whole new career!

Many healers and healthcare professionals, aware of the limitations of Western medicine to fully address the Body-Mind connection, are turning to Energy Medicine to better understand and holistically treat their patients and clients. By expanding their perception, they can often find the “missing link” between energetic disruptions and dis-ease/medical conditions, especially when standard diagnostic methods and treatments fail to work as intended.

But where do you go to increase your intuitive awareness and learn how to use these skills effectively? Where can you find a grounded, practical and proven approach to understanding energetic systems and the healing power within our own minds and bodies?

The Academy of Intuition Medicine®

The Academy was founded in 1984 in Northern California as a vocational school for professional intuitives, and for anyone interested in developing their intuition as a pragmatic skill for practical daily life awareness, self-growth and personal healing.

Students enter the Academy with varied goals: to pursue a career as a Medical Intuitive, Intuition Medicine® Practitioner or Intuitive Coach. Others seek to integrate energetic healing into a current career, or to use these tools to improve their lives and relationships, change habitual patterns or finally address and heal the imprints of past trauma or loss that continue to influence the present.

The Academy of Intuition Medicine® Online (AIMO) is the distance-learning branch of the Academy, bringing our unique intuitive development courses to interested students, wherever they are. All of the Academy courses and programs, from Intuition Medicine®: Healing I through the Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® are available as recorded video programs within a fully interactive learning website. Study at your own pace, on your own schedule!

Dr. Francesca McCartney has worked since 1976 in the field of intuition as a Medical Intuitive in an integrative health clinic, and as a spiritual counselor, author, and educator. In 1984, Francesca McCartney founded the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in Mill Valley, California. Dr. McCartney is the inaugural recipient of a dual PhD in Intuition Medicine and Energy Medicine.

Francesca synthesizes her decades of study in Eastern and Western spiritual and healing arts into an inclusive approach which respects both the inherent uniqueness of the individual and the commonalities that bind us all together. From her counseling and Medical Intuitive work with thousands of clients, Francesca developed the Intuition Medicine® curriculum.

The author of two highly regarded books on Energy Medicine and several research papers, she is a sought-after speaker at conferences and symposia.

“Physicists, mathematicians, and physicians now perceive what artists and mystics have always known: human beings are made of energy. Thoughts, emotions, colors, disease, beauty and spirituality all exist as energy. When we learn how to manage the energy we are made of, we can heal in body, mind and spirit.” — Francesca McCartney PhD

Best investment I ever made for myself

“Dr. McCartney has done a brilliant job of pulling together sacred wisdom and combining it with data-backed tools and practices that create meaningful change in one’s life. This is the best investment I have ever made for myself, and I highly recommend the program. I thank the Academy for introducing me to tools and practices that are helping me heal lifetimes of karma, energetic blueprints and old lenses of seeing my life and this world.”

— Nurse Practitioner

The Academy Online (AIMO) Experience

The Intuition Medicine® Program is an intensive course of study, training students to become fluent in the science and art of Holistic Health and Energy Medicine. Your purchase includes:

  • A series of recorded live classes
  • Lesson materials
  • Research papers
  • Daily awareness integration practice

Online students get a sense of the Academy classroom experience,
and can join live chat room discussions with other students, receive remote energy healing and tutorial sessions from Academy graduates, and more.

Each Module is comprised of lessons on a specific topic,
in the form of a teaching video filmed in the live campus classroom that contains lectures, guided meditations, student-teacher dialogue and instructional hands-on experiential training.

Each lesson within a Module provides these additional resources:
charts and protocol instructions for practicing each Intuition Medicine® tool that is presented; student-teacher Q&A dialogues; and links to inspirational papers on the practice of Intuition Medicine® written by Academy students.

The AIMO Student Portal provides a way for students
to ask teachers questions about lessons and the practice of Intuition Medicine®.
Additionally a student chat room provides connection and conversation within the student population. Academy faculty offer private energy sessions, at a reduced fee for AIMO students.

AIMO offers two Certificate Programs

The Intuition Medicine® Certificate (IMC) program requires completion of Modules 1, 2, and 3 (see below). Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements an Intuition Medicine® Certificate will be awarded.

The Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM) program requires completion of Modules 4-12 (detailed below). Upon successful completion of all requirements a MIM diploma will be awarded.

The Intuition Medicine® Certificate Program (IMC)


A live one-on-one session with an Academy graduate tutor is included upon completion of each of the three Modules

Module 1: Healing I
Self-Healing & Creating Healthy Relationships

6 Lessons

In this class energy concepts and systems of Intuition Medicine® healing practice are introduced. Students learn diagnostic techniques for self-healing utilizing personal Life Force and Earth healing energies. Through guided meditations and lab sessions students experience the basic energetic systems of Grounding, Aura and Chakras and gain an understanding of their functions within the practice of Intuition Medicine®.

Through meditation and hands-on exercises, students work with:

  • Grounding – our natural connection with the earth
  • Aura – our natural protective force
  • Chakras – our energy anatomy focal points
  • Intuition Center and assessment of 21 Intuitive Perceptions

Module 2: Healing II
Energy Medicine Protocols Healing Clients

4 Lessons

Using the tools introduced in Healing I students learn to diagnose and heal the basic energy systems of others.

Diagnostic and healing tools introduced in this course include: 

  • Maintaining energetic and emotional boundaries
  • Protection and Compassion vs. Empathy
  • Spiritual guidance and guides
  • Universal consciousness energy for practicing Compassion
  • Understanding relationships through Energy Contracts
  • Cellular vibration energy for physical healing

Module 3: Meditation III
Western Shamanism Practice of Kundalini Energy

4 Lessons

Through decades of research and practice on the biological basis of Energy Medicine, thousands of people have learned a practical application for energy healing, intuitive expansion, creative expression and spiritual connection using Kundalini Energy.

Topics introduced in this course include: 

  • Historical, cross-cultural and biological perspectives on Kundalini as an evolutionary energy
  • A proven Western approach for a Kundalini energy meditation/healing practice
  • Protocols for safely using Kundalini energy healing with a client
  • The secret to a transcendent Kundalini experience

Continuing Education Units for Healthcare Professionals

Upon completion of this program you may request a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificate. The Academy is approved to award CEUs to Nurses, Acupuncturists, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Professional Bodyworkers and Chiropractors.

The Master Certificate in Intuition Medicine® Program (MIM)


A live one-on-one session with an Academy graduate tutor is included upon completion of five of these Modules as noted below

Module 4: Basics of Energy Medicine

5 Lessons

This course provides the practitioner with tools to help change the physiology of their body using meditation, allowing one to play a greater role in their own healing. This module presents advanced levels of the Grounding, Chakra and Aura systems and how to affect them with healing energies. Additionally there is discussion of how to manage the energy of recurring personal cycles. This type of exploration can lead to more transformative energy treatments and deeper healing. Clinically this can help with longstanding chronic mental and physical health issues. Topics covered:

  • Advanced diagnostics and mapping of Grounding, Aura and Chakra systems
  • Energy Contracts: Lessons, Karma, Personal Path
  • Reincarnation: Personal Cycles and the Present Now

Module 5: Male/Female Energy Anatomy

4 Lessons

In this module students explore their male and female energies along with the duality that permeates so many aspects of our daily lives. Understanding and managing these energies awakens creativity and can help us recognize our true identity strengths. Access to managing the body’s signature resonance is energy medicine for greater health and wellbeing. Working with this system can help in treating mood swings, hormonal issues as well as issues of infertility. Topics covered: 

  • A specific energy anatomy system that correlates to the physical body system
  • How to increase the creative force of the male/female energy
  • A new Grounding tool that balances the male/female energy
  • Transcending the duality of masculine/feminine aspects
  • How to access a non-dual soul essence energy

Includes live one-on-one tutoring session upon Module completion

Module 6: Creating Spiritually Based Relationships

2 Lessons

In this module relationships are explored in the context of karma, spirituality and the human experience. Tools are given to both assess these dynamics and to create relationships based on honoring of one’s essence energy. Topics: 

  • Practical tools to assess compatibility in all types of relationships
  • Learning how to choose relationships based on spiritual values

Module 7: Astral Body, Out-of-Body Experiences, Dreams and Healing

4 Lessons

This module introduces practices that can be easily used to assess and heal the astral body, interpret dreams and for dream healing. Correlations between the Chakra system and health issues are presented, notably the 1st, 3rd and 7th chakras. These tools can help address insomnia, nightmares, lethargy, dizziness, digestive issues, addictions and low energy. Topics include: 

  • How to scan and heal the astral body
  • Distinguishing between lucid and mental-state dreams
  • Tools for dream incubation healing
  • Safe tools for out-of-body experiences and astral travel

Includes live one-on-one tutoring session upon Module completion

Module 8: The Spiritual Incarnation System

4 Lessons

The Spiritual Incarnation System(SIS) was discovered, researched and mapped out by Dr. Francesca McCartney and closely aligns with the “Enter the Spirit” meridian used in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. This module also teaches Soul Retrieval — a modern shamanistic approach to incarnation of the Soul into the human body. Correlations are presented between the Chakra system and health, notably the 7th, 5th and minor chakras. These tools can help address depression, identity questions, suicidal tendencies, headaches, and low self-esteem. Healing this system allows one to be wholly present in their body, reclaim their incarnational path and spiritual wisdom power. Topics include:

  • A new Grounding tool for embodiment of the Soul
  • Spirit identification toward purpose of your life path
  • Clearing out energies that do not align with your Original Essence Energy
  • Assessing the presence of maligned spirits and possession-type entities
  • Comparing mediumship-channeling to other ways of receiving information
  • Creating knowledgeable and healthy choices for full Soul-Body occupation

Includes live one-on-one tutoring session upon Module completion

Module 9: The Akashic Records – Universal and Personal

2 Lessons

In this module one learns how to access information normally outside the reach of body and mind. Tools are learned to access perennial wisdom which is encoded beyond the five common senses. Analogous to the Collective Unconscious, Zero Point Theory, and The Field. Topics introduced include: 

  • Accessing Universal Akashic Records: The Akashic Records can be equated to the universe’s supercomputer system. This system acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has lived upon the earth. More than just a reservoir of events the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought and intent that has occurred in the history of the world.
  • Accessing Personal Akashic Records: More than a memory storehouse Personal Akashic Records are interactive in that they have an influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems and the potential realities we draw toward us.
  • Updating your Personal Akashic Records

Module 10: The Physio-Psychic System

4 Lessons

The Physio-Psychic System (PPS) was discovered, researched and mapped out by Dr. Francesca McCartney. This energy-anatomy system is analogous to those described in Epigenetics, Optogenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology and other current fields. Students experience a biomorphic reengineering of their physical, emotional and psychological systems. PPS presents a holistic health map for addressing addiction issues, unhealthy habits, familial programming and negative thought patterns. The tools learned can be used for assessment and deep energy healing. Topics include:

  • A new energy anatomy system aligned with the endocrine and nervous systems
  • Tools for changing unhealthy thoughts, habits and conditioning
  • Activation of potential for feeling joy, health and wellbeing
  • Reprogramming tools for changing deeply encoded matrilineal and patrilineal patterns

Includes live one-on-one tutoring session upon Module completion

Module 11: Intuition Medicine®: Prosperity and Spiritual Abundance

4 Lessons

This course teaches one how to cultivate prosperity, health and spiritual abundance in life. The tools learned can be used for assessment and energy healing. Students learn how affirmations and positive thought affect health and wellbeing and create new patterns of thinking. Topics include: 

  • Potential of the 8th chakra for expanding possibilities
  • Affirmations for prosperity in all aspects of Life
  • Cultivating prosperous intentions
  • Experiencing the power of self-love

Includes live one-on-one tutoring session upon Module completion

Module 12: Soul Anatomy: Doctoring the Chakras

6 Lessons

This module offers a pathway to directly strengthen one’s subtle energy field and align with one’s soul purpose. The lessons build a solid foundation for further coursework and practice, designed to harness intuitive healing capacities for a deeper transformation in one’s own life as well as in the lives of those we serve.Students gain an understanding of the scientific underpinnings of Energy Medicine and an expansion upon the key foundational principles of Intuition Medicine® involving energetic Grounding, Life Force energy, the auric field, the Meditation Sanctuary, the endocrine system and the Chakra system. Topics include:

  • Cleaning Up the Temple: Taking Care of Your Body
  • Smoothing Out the Ride: Emotional Balance and Healthy Pleasure
  • Firing Up the Engine: Boosting Your Metabolism
  • Healthy Heart, Healthy Love: Expanding into the Breath
  • Healthy Expression and Thyroid Balance
  • The Seat of Your Intuition: A Healthy Mind Brings Clarity
  • Our Connection to Source

MIM students can join special live online healing sessions

You will have the opportunity to meet with Academy faculty, share experiences and build community with other students. Practice and hone your reading and healing skills, ask questions about Intuition Medicine® tools, and share your unique gifts in a live, present-time container. A $25 donation per session is requested.

Continuing Education Units for Healthcare Professionals

Upon completion of this program you may request a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificate. The Academy is approved to award CEUs to Nurses, Acupuncturists, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Professional Bodyworkers, and Chiropractors.

In These Transformative Programs
You will Learn and Practice:

  • How energy follows thought and how it works in your body
  • Listening to your inner voice and trusting what you hear
  • Diagnosing and healing the grounding, aura and chakra systems
  • Using color in diagnosis and healing
  • How to establish and maintain healthy emotional boundaries
  • Staying present and grounded, even in stressful situations
  • Replenishing your own vital energy when depleted
  • Using Kundalini energy as a source of healing and evolutionary potential
  • How to recognize and remove blockages, cords and “stuck” energy
  • Working with Spirit Guides for communication, healing and protection
  • Changing energy contracts and karmic agreements with others
  • Balancing and transforming the creative power of male/female energy into a non-dual state
  • Understanding past lives as a tool for improving relationships in present life
  • Scanning and healing the astral body, developing astral travel tools and lucid dreaming awareness
  • Accessing the Akashic Records for information on yourself and others
  • Working on others with integrity, compassion and strong ethical considerations
  • Tools for changing unhealthy thoughts, habits and conditioning
  • Assessing and understanding the energy of emotional control in relationships
  • Identifying entity possession and tools for effective removal
  • Healing your relationship with familial and ancestral trauma
  • Cultivating prosperous intentions and self-love
… and much more!

Also included—

Practicum: Ongoing Support and Practice for all Academy Students

Wednesday Night Practicum is the place to drop in and continue your work in a supportive environment, in the company of your peers. Enjoy a meditation tailored to the needs of the present moment, followed by a casual Q&A where you can discuss the work and the tools with students and teachers of all levels. Afterwards, practice the tools you’ve been learning with other students at your level, under the guidance of our Teaching Assistants.

Practicum serves as a powerful supplement and catalyst to the integration of the learning gained during class, and helps foster connection among students. Share your experiences and practice with others, and come away enriched with new insight and a sense of community!

Practicum is free to all enrolled Academy/AIMO students, and is held in person at the Academy campus in Sausalito California and on Zoom.

I’m so grateful that I decided on AIMO

“AIMO has far exceeded my expectations, and the depth of wisdom that Francesca shares with us is above anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve often felt so drained after working with clients — some days I actually wanted to hide and not deal with the emotions I’d experience. In the first module, I learned how to protect my own energy and not give so much away. I feel confident knowing after I graduate, I’ll be able to support not only myself in healing, but others as well. It’s really been a game-changer.”

— Life Coach

Act Now and Receive these 3 Bonus Audio Lessons
with Your Purchase!

Grounding is
Good Medicine

Being grounded in your body allows you to operate from a place of clear intuition and personal power. With this audio recording, you will learn to sense, feel, and strengthen your grounding connection. You will know when you are ungrounded, and how to bring yourself back into your body. This is a foundational tool in the practice of Intuition Medicine®.

Benefits: Emotional wellbeing; mental clarity; enhanced physical health

Color: The Language
of Energy

Colors affect us constantly. Color is a universal language and is a primary language of intuition. Color works synergistically with all your senses. Music, body language and color are the only forms of expression that do not require language. This audio recording teaches you how to tone, heal and balance your energy systems with color. Presented are energy definitions of colors and specific colors to achieve a desired emotional state.

Benefits: Heightened awareness of colors for healing; ability to control your moods; enhanced clairvoyance

The Male/Female Energy
Anatomy System

Our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. With this audio recording you will learn to sense and feel your inner male and female energy. You will learn to dialogue with your inner male/female. And you will learn to recognize the importance of nurturing the primary relationship in your life — yourself.

Benefits: Increased self-acceptance & self-love; Healing of the reproductive system; Improved relationships

* These bonus audio recordings are selections from the 8 hours of audio lectures and meditations contained in the Body of Health audio set that is recommended to all AIMO students.

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A ripple effect in the world around me

“I am a teacher and the work that I have done has made me much more effective with my students. I now enter a classroom grounded, balanced, compassionate and steady. From here, all things are possible. From this study of energy science created by Francesca McCartney, I now have an ability to reach for being the best I can be and, to walk through this world with ease and grace.”

— Teacher

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