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41m ago – David
The guys are very eager to get this done. Let me know if you need more info!

1d ago – Per
This looks really interesting! Many thanks for the notification… I’m on it 🙂
(I’ll get right back to you once I’m done with the today’s lesson)

2d ago – David
Thanks for checking it out! 🙂

6d ago – Per
No worries and thanks for the reply!

1w ago – David
Here is more information about the project, The client has posted 2 tasks before and paid one so far. I told him I’ll promote it to some of our contacts – so, please take a look and get Florian to take a look also. We definitely need more people.

2w ago – Per
There seem to be other people onto it so I don’t think I’m needed?

2w ago – David
I’ll keep sending projects your way so hopefully you can jump on the next one 🙂 Have an awesome day!!